Homes Sold by Larry Watson

Experience Matters in every line of business and especially in a real estate transaction. Most offten a real estate transaction is the single largest financial decision someone will make, why would you trust your largest financial decision with an inexperienced agent.


I have a question for you. Whatever your job is, do you think you are better at doing that job now versus when you first started?  If you casually worked at your job a couple hours a week, do you think you would be as good as you are?


Let’s put this a different way, if you needed surgery would you be thrilled if this was the first time your Doctor ever preformed that particular procedure? Would it make a difference to you how many successful surgeries your Doctor had performed?


There is no substitute for agent experience when negotiating and closing your real estate transaction. Some statistics state the average person is acquainted with 3 realtors, but how many of those realtors are true professionals and how many are hobbyist? It takes a true professional that is trained and educated in their craft, to accomplish true results. Just like a professional athlete trains everyday to be the best they can, I train daily with active real estate transactions as a full time profession.